European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC)

The European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) promotes plant biostimulants and their contribution to sustainable and resilient agriculture.

EBIC was founded in June 2011 to support the growth and development of the European biostimulant industry and to secure a single European market for biostimulants with a proportionate regulatory framework in order to improve accessibility and transparency for the end-users: farmers.

EBIC currently represents the majority of the European industry with its 57 member companies, including dozens of SMEs as well as multinationals.

Plant biostimulants contain substance(s) and/or micro-organisms whose function when applied to plants or the rhizosphere is to stimulate natural processes to enhance/benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, and crop quality. All information you will find here